Apartments for Sale in Narok

Date:September 1, 2020 8:22 pm

Block of Apartments for Sale in Narok near St Peter Catholic Church

These Apartments for Sale in Narok are in a populated area of Narok. This property for sale in Narok has an county government allotment letter and has good rental income. It has a combined gross rent of Kes 48,000 and has high occupancy.

Photos of the Apartments for sale in Narok

Features of the property
- Plot has an allotment certificate
- Measures 50ft x 100ft
- Has 3 self contained bed-sitters, and 9 single rooms
- Has an external ablution block

- Has piped water
- Connected to Electricity

An affordable property for sale in Narok suitable for cash buyers. The property has a good rental income. A real estate investment opportunity in Kenya.

The upper area of Narok town had recently been tarmacked and the property is a few minutes walk to the newly tarmacked road.

Price Kes4.55m
Property Type For Sale