Invest 10m with high Returns

Date:April 29, 2016 9:42 am

Invest 10m with high Returns - 5 years

Earn 15-18% p.a. Interest by Financing a Lodge with Kes 10m-Repayment in 5 years.

An investor looks to raise funds to complete the development of tourist lodge in Maasai mara. The Lodge has been granted all the necessary approvals and has commenced construction, as per the photos posted below of Aug 2016. The investor is seeking financing of Kes 10m spread through a 7-8 months period of construction of the lodge with a repayment plan of 5 years.

The lodge is being built on a 16 acre land, which the investor will give as a collateral valued over Kes 33m.

- A moratorium period of 1 year is sought, during which the borrower would not pay capital and interest.
- Interest rate of 15-18% per annum on the borrowed funds
- Interest to be on reducing balance
- Payment in 5 years
- Property title deeds, approvals and works to be used as the collateral
- Construction expected to run between 7 - 8 months and breakdown of financing suggested as below

Invest 10m with high Returns - 5 years - Schedule

1. Complete foundation - 2 months - Amt - Kes 2.5m
2. Walling - 1 month - Amt - Kes 1.5m
3. Roofing - 2 months - Amt - Kes 2m
4. Fittings - 1 month - Amt - Kes 2m
5. Finishing - 1 month - Amt - Kes 2m

Interested financiers to write for more details


A Funding opportunity for real estate development in Kenya


Progress of construction as of 31st August 2016



Price Kes10m
Property Type For Sale