Land for sale in Narok Olerai

Date:April 18, 2018 4:19 pm

0.75 Acre Land for sale in Narok Olerai - 80m from Tarmac

This property for sale in Narok county is close to the tarmac and is in a fast developing area. The property is a few metres from the Narok - Ewaso Ng'iro tarmac and is ideal for residential purposes or even commercial due to its close proximity to the Tarmac.

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- Measuses 67 metres x 40 metres
- Flat
- Free hold title deed
- Loamy soils

Note: A sub-division that observes the current laws: a standard access road of 9 metres access roads and a minimum of 1/8 acre pieces will yield 5 plots. Plots in the area are selling at Kes 500k. One can then net a return of approx 500k for an investment of Kes 1.75m within a year.


- Sale of 5 plots 500k x 5 = Kes 2.5m

Less costs
- Purchase price Kes 1.75m
- Sub-division costs 20k x 5 = 0.1m
- Commission/Sales administration costs - 35k x 5 = 0.175
Total costs = 2.025m

Profit = Kes 475,000

ROI - 475/1.75 = 27%

A real estate investment opportunity in Kenya in Narok County

Price Kes1.75m
Property Type For Sale