Plot of Land for Sale in Narok

Date:February 28, 2018 7:26 pm

Plot of Land for Sale in Narok Total Area - 400m from Tarmac

This 1/8 Acre Plot of Land for Sale in Narok is located about 400 metres from the Narok Bomet Road on the opposite side of Total Petrol Station; It is a few minutes walk to the Tarmac. The land has good foundation soils with good drainage and is near other residential developments with good rental incomes.

Photos of the Plot of Land for Sale in Narok

Features of the property for sale in Narok
- Serviced by two access roads
- Rectangular in Shape
- Measures 50ft x 100ft or approximately 1/8 acre
- Good for developing apartments for renting out

- About 400 metres from Total petrol station

A real estate investment opportunity in Narok County. This property for sale in Narok is ideal for rental purposes.

The cost of developing rentals in this area is low due to the close proximity of the local materials and especially quarry stones. There are also locally available quarry chips and ballast. The location is also very attractive to would be renters of houses in this area and hence occupancy rates would be high.

Narok continues to be attractive to real estate investors due to its affordable properties and high demand for housing in both the lower and middle classes. The town is rapidly developing and population is growing.

Price Kes1.45m
Property Type For Sale